This is to show you what you are missing
and what is possible when you are whole, not half.
This is need and necessity.

This is to give space and appreciation to the Feminine in all of us.

"I started this as an art project to show the diversity of the Feminine.
Now it is a platform to honor and explore the depth of the emotional ocean.
Everyone needs to embrace their feminine side to find inner balance.
Our personal state of emergency is reflected in the ecological crisis.
Nature and Femininity is not separable. How we treat ourselves is how we treat others.

Saving the world starts between our legs and
better sex in our hearts.

The Feminine was long relegated to the shadows, exploited, negated, shamed, abused, ignored.
Now we need to embrace the softness, the pain, the power, the beauty and the magic we disregarded for so long
to find the freedom, joy and peace we are longing for and are capable of.
There is so much beauty in our world, so much potential and it's inside, only waiting to be acknowledged.

Our life is a personal journey with inevitable collective impact."
- myripa -

Wake up to your full potential.

Wake up, sleepyhead.
We are desperate for your magic.

Please Note

Some articles will be in german, others in english, depending on our authors preferred language.

If you feel inspired help us translate and be part of this initiave we'll be thrilled!

And if you feel the call to contribute to this topic you are most welcome!

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